joi, 31 octombrie 2013

October- Bits& Pieces

Here’s a short illustrated story featuring few of my favorite things in October:
O scurta poveste ilustrata a lucrurilor care mi-au facut zilele mai frumoase in luna octombrie:
My currently favorite perfume. Been craving for this baby for a while./ Parfumul meu favorit in momentul actual.

Lidl candies. You should try these, they are delicious!/ Bomboane de la Lidl. Merita incercate, sunt foarte bune!
A wonderful gift./ Un cadou minunat.
Reading material. What can I say, I love investigation/ police fiction. Cartile pe care le-am citit in ultima vreme. Se vede ca sunt fan romane politiste, nu? 
Did my nails a few times using these goodies./ Ce am purtat pe unghii in ultima perioada. Am folosit bunatatile de la Depozitul de frumusete. Daca vreti sa le incercati si voi, mai aveti pana maine seara pentru a va inscrie la Giveaway.
Been watching my fav series as of lately, Suits- although the third season was not as good as 1&2. I still think that Harvey rocks, though./ Am vazut serialul meu favorit din ultimul timp, Suits - desi sezonul 3 mi s-a parut mult mai slab decat precedentele. Cu toate astea, imi place personajul Harvey si atitudinea lui de castigator.
Couldn't resist getting this lovely bag and received a lovely golden bracelet. You can find it here./ Nu am rezistat tentatiei de a achizitiona aceasta geanta. Se asorteaza cu noua mea bratara.
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marți, 29 octombrie 2013

Masca si Balsam Fortifiante Floral

             Va spuneam ca m-am inscris in Campania de testare a noii game pentru rasfatul parului si al scalpului lansate de Complex Apicol Veceslav Harnaj. Am optat pentru balsamul si masca Floral, atrasa fiind de actiunea fortifianta promisa si de un ingredient pe care eu il iubesc in mod deosebit, inca de cand eram copil: propolisul. Produsele au sosit rapid, in mini-recipiente dragalase (75 ml balsamul, 50 ml masca), mirosind delicios.
            Iata ce spune producatorul despre ele:
            Floral Balsam Fortifiant pentru Par
            Balsamul Floral este un rasfat apicosmetic cu actiune fortifianta si antibacteriana asupra firului de par, radacinilor si scalpului. Propolisul, prin proprietatile sale antibacteriene si antifungice protejeaza si trateaza firul de par si scalpul. Bio Keratina netezeste structura firului de par, protejandu-l impotriva tratamentelor chimice ulterioare. Parul devine sanatos, stralucitor, structura sa este imbogatita, fiind usor de pieptanat.
            Floral Masca Fortifianta pentru Par
            Masca fortifianta Floral este un rasfat apicosmetic cu efect de intarire atat asupra firului de par cat si asupra radacinilor. Propolisul, prin proprietatile sale antibacteriene si antifungice protejeaza si trateaza firul de par si scalpul. Uleiul de ricin previne uscarea excesiva a scalpului si amplifica beneficiile propolisului, luptand impreuna pentru sanatatea parului. Bio Keratina netezeste structura firului de par, protejandu-l si impotriva agresiunilor ulterioare. Cu o structura imbogatita, parul devine sanatos si stralucitor.
            Parerea mea:
            Masca are o consistenta untoasa, in timp ce balsamul este mai lichid. Ambele miros extraordinar, a miere si propolis, asa incat ti-e mai mare dragul sa le folosesti. Le-am aplicat atat alternativ, o data pe saptamana fiecare, pentru ca ma spal pe cap la 3-4 zile, cat si consecutiv, la aceeasi spalare. Eram curioasa cu privire la efectele de descurcare usoara a parului pe care le promit. Intr-adevar, parul nu a ramas incalcit si s-a lasat pieptanat relativ usor. Dupa uscare, aroma discreta a produselor persista vreme de cateva ore. Parul devine lucios, matasos, vizibil hidratat.
            In ultima vreme, m-am orientat cu precadere catre produsele bio si pot spune ca diferenta se simte. Mai mult, acestea sunt, de multe ori, mult mai avantajoase ca pret, pe langa plusul de beneficii din perspectiva sanatatii. Balsamul si Masca Floral sunt doua produse care mi-au placut, pe care le-as achizitiona cu placere si pe care le recomand cu drag!
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sâmbătă, 26 octombrie 2013

Sunny October Days

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying a great week-end! I took advantage of the sunny weather today for a walk in the park.  I recently managed to score one of the items on my October wish list, this amazing beige sweater. I think that it looks good in almost any combination, but, worn with this animal print skirt and suede booties, it makes a perfect match. I also had some other new items to take for a spin: the boat- shaped bag, the sunnies and the  bracelet. They were all ordered here and arrived surprisingly fast. How do you like the outfit? Enjoy your Saturday and the extra hour of sleep.

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miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013

Movie recommendations- What I’ve seen lately

Don Jon
            Joseph Gordon Lewitt’s directorial debut- a movie about a man’s pornography addiction and his struggle to find intimacy and happiness with his potential true love. The movie is funny, edgy, authentic and tonic- since Julianne Moore agreed to be part of cast, there must be something good about it, right?. The characters feel very real. I found Gordon- Lewitt’s first behind the camera perspective to be surprisingly good and mature.  
            The story of two young boys who encounter a fugitive named Mud and form a pact to help him evade the bounty hunters on his trail and to reunite him with his true love. A good, relaxing movie, that can be easily watched with your family. It kinda reminded me of Mark Twain’s stories of Tow Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
The Hangover Part III
            When Doug is kidnapped by an angry gangster, the Wolf Pack must find Mr. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is apparently the culprit. This final part of the franchise is the point where the movie gets annoying and only vaguely funny. I would have never paid to see this one at the cinema. Now, am I the only one extremely annoyed by this Alan guy?
          An art auctioneer who teamed up with a group of criminals contacts a hypnotherapist in order to recover his memory and find a lost painting. This movie is different from anything I’ve seen before, with an intriguing plot, blurred between fantasy and reality. It is a psychological thriller, with an interesting perspective, completely unpredictable, that reveals its secrets in the end.

3:10 to Yuma
            This is an older movie (2007), so you might have seen it already. It is about a rancher, buried in debt, who, in exchange for money, agrees to escort a captured outlaw and put him on the train to court in Yuma. If you’re a fan of Western, you should know that this movie has the perfect setting and classic story. Not to mention Christian Bale and Russel Crowe playing the leading characters. 
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